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The Ghana Education Service Council, in accordance with section 4(1) of the Ghana Education Service (GES) Act 1995 (Act 506,) is the governing body of the Ghana Education Service. The Mission of the Council is to ensure that the Ghana Education Service is properly and effectively resourced to deliver quality education to all children of school going age.


The Ghana Education Service Act, 1995, (Act 506) sets the functions of the Council as follows: The Council with general control over the management of the Service

  1. ensures the implementation of the functions of the Ghana Education Service
  2. submits to the Minister recommendation for pre-tertiary educational policies and programames
  3. promotes collaboration between the Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service
  4. advises the Minister on such matters as the Minister may request
  5. The Council complies with functions assigned it as stated in Act 506 and its ultimate impending amendment as prescribed in the Education Act 778<


Section 4(2) of Act 506 provides that the Council shall consist of;

  1. a Chairman who shall be a person with extensive academic administrative experience
  2. one representative of the Public Services Commission
  3. two distinguished Educationists, one of whom shall be a woman
  4. two eminent citizens, one of whom shall be a woman
  5. two representatives of the Christian group made up of the Christian Council the Catholic Secretariat and the Ghana Pentecostal Council
  6. one representative of the Federation of Muslim Councils and the Ahmadiyya Missio
  7. one member of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT
  8. one member of the Teachers and Educational Workers Union (TEWU)
  9. one member of the National Council for Tertiary Education
  10. one representative of the Association of Proprietors of Private Educational Institutions
  11. the Chief Director of the Ministry of Education (Ex-officio)
  12.  the Director-General of the Service (Ex-officio)

All members of the Council are appointed by H. E. The President of Ghana in consultation with the Council of State.


  1. The Council determines and regulates the procedure for its meetings – it meets monthly but holds emergency meetings when necessary
  2. The Council may co-opt any person to give technical advice at its meetings but no co-opted person is entitled to vote at the meeting.


2011 Annual Report To Ges Council

In keeping with the current mandate, the Ghana Education Service is responsible for the implementation of Pre-tertiary educational policies of the Government to ensure that all Ghanaian children of school going age irrespective of tribe, gender, disability, religious and political affiliations are provided with quality formal education and training through effective management of resources to make education delivery efficient and relevant to the manpower needs of the nation.

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